From the ones who keep us sane, to those who drive us insane, Brisbane rockers The Pretty Fingers are celebrating all kinds of friends in their raucous new anthem, You’re My Friend.

Combining elements of Brit pop and shoe-gazing with alternative and classic rock, You’re My Friend is that song at the pub that gets you and your mates out of your chairs, in a shoulder-to-shoulder conga chain as you sing the lyrics at full volume while drunkenly swaying. A fitting tribute for a song that salutes shared eccentricities amongst mates.

You’re My Friend is about those wonderfully nutty and eccentric friends who’re every bit as nutty and eccentric as you,” said front man Mick Bristow.

“It’s something everyone can relate to because everyone’s got something don’t they? Friends makes life doable.”

The band are currently working on their next EP, which is due for release in October. They’re also making plans for an accompanying You’re My Friend music video, which friends and fans have a chance to be included in.

“Over the next month, we’ll be putting the call out to anyone who’d like to send in a short video to be included in the You’re My Friend music video. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes in – I’m sure we’ll get some funny stuff.”

A rock n roll gift that keeps on giving, The Pretty Fingers’ latest single You’re My Friend is well worth a spin. And remember, if you like what you hear, be sure to pass it onto all your (eccentric and non-eccentric) friends!

Stream The Pretty Fingers’ new single You’re My Friend exclusively below. You’re My Friend is out this Thursday, 21 June via Bandcamp.