If thou cannot go to a tropical island, let the tropical island vibes come to you. That’s exactly what Brisbane collective The Double Happiness intend to do, gifting us all some much needed Zen in isolation with their laidback new single and music video, Coochiemudlo, out 1 June via 4000 Records.

A love letter of sorts to Stradbroke Island’s lesser-known sibling, Coochiemudlo Island, Coochiemudlo has a dreamy disposition, evoking a feeling of freedom where time has no meaning; where you can float away and leave your worries anchored to the mainland.

“Heading off to Coochie gives that feeling of leaving the mainland – the seabirds, the breeze, the lapping low waves,” said The Double Happiness’ Peter Fergusson. “It’s an eccentric little island and a very likeable one, so we slowed down the surf guitar licks and amplified the emotions in the song’s outro in an attempt to capture the essence of the place itself.”

An underwater spectacle, the accompanying Coochiemudlo music video is a psychedelic kaleidoscope made by drummer, Simon Welchman, that takes the grace and movement of the humble jellyfish and turns it into a colourful mirage interspersed with live footage of the band shot by Maurice Powell and Trinity Malpress.

“Heading out on the ferry from Cleveland often throws the spectacle of a thousand jellyfish. When mixing the song, I pictured a video where the jellyfish moved in perfect time with the rhythm. Simon created an amazing video surpassing all expectations. The jellyfish scenes work beautifully with the song’s timing and arrangement.”

The second helping from their forthcoming debut album Surf-Gazing, bassist and backing vocalist Meg Welchman says Coochiemudlo is sure to wet the whistles of fans who adore reverb guitar, melodic hooks, jangly rhythm guitar, driving bass and thumping beats. Even if you’re not a surf-gaze enthusiast, Coochiemudlo has a hypnotic pull you can’t deny.

“Coochiemudlo’s vibe suits the world’s current slowed pace. Stopping to take it all in, less rush and less intensity, it’s a reflective song to match these reflective times.”

Dip your toes in an island getaway anytime by watching The Double Happiness’ Coochiemudlo music video, exclusively below.


Feature image: The Double Happiness by Kim Senior