Taking a ride down the cosmic drain into the psychedelic waters of dream-pop, Gold Coast outfit Syrup, Go On unveil a wall of sound Phil Spector would be proud of on their debut album Last Light, out this Thursday, 20 June via Valley Heat Records.

The follow up to their highly regarded 2018 debut EP, Joyful Hesitation, the band’s new record features intoxicating layers of synths and vocal harmonies teed with pulsing bass lines and explosive drums. Capturing Syrup, Go On in moments of time as they transitioned from their initial four-piece setup to becoming a trio, and now a live sextet, vocalist and guitarist Tom Briese says Last Light picks up where Joyful Hesitation left off, albeit with more experimentation and a concept album vibe.

“A good chunk of Last Light was already written by the time Joyful Hesitation was being recorded so the two releases feel quite similar,” said Tom.

“When recording Joyful Hesitation, we added some unnecessary layers into songs just because we could, whereas on Last Light everything added has purpose. We also got our first synth in between the two records, which has allowed for more experimentation. Like with our EP Joyful Hesitation, we worked with Jordan Bain (Leavings, Tia Gostelow’s live band) to produce the album. We wanted songs that were full, explosive, and layered, to make each listen interesting.”

Drawing influence from greats like Crosby, Stills and Nash to The Flaming Lips and Jon Hopkins, Syrup, Go On have melted down an array of sounds to curate a resonance of their own on Last Light that listeners can relate to, while lyrically exploring the theme of departures.  

“As a band, we collectively experienced having important people enter and exit our lives which impacted our writing for Last Light. The album is about realising and accepting that it’s only natural for experiences to come to an end and for people to come and go from your life. Although it seems gloomy, it can actually be quite positive.”

With three new members onboard for the ride, Syrup, Go On are taking their new musical baby on the road throughout June/July stopping in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and the Gold Coast on their Last Light Tour.

“On tour, we’ll be playing most of the album as well as maybe some new stuff.  We’ll also be selling tees and Last Light on cassette.  All the supports that have been organized so far are definitely worth checking out as well. We can’t wait to have the album released and play to new faces.”

Strap yourself in for a psychedelic dream-pop trip and stream Syrup, Go On’s debut album Last Light exclusively below. Last Light is out via Valley Heat Records this Thursday, 20 June. Pre-order Last Light HERE.



June 22 @ Sonic Sherpa (Brisbane)
June 28 @ The Tote (Melbourne)
June 29 @ The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
July 4 @ The Bearded Lady (Brisbane)
July 6 @ Vinnie’s Dive (Gold Coast)