A honeyed visual experience both figuratively and literally, Strangely Enough’s abstract new music video Graceville, explores the world through the eyes of a bee, seamlessly tying the life of an endangered species to the human experience of self-discovery.

Ironically written in the Brisbane suburb of the same name, Graceville is inspired by a search for utopia that doesn’t exist.

“The song is about a search for utopia and the realisation that we should aim to enjoy life’s sweet moments instead of trying, in vain, to replicate them indefinitely,” said front man Greg Olley.

With luscious aerial landscape shots, gooey honey visuals taken from inside a real beehive and a cinematic experience of bees on the big screen, the Graceville music video, which was directed by Joseph Burgess, is eccentrically beautiful.

“The link between the song and the video comes from the song’s message about searching for utopia and the bees’ search for honey. The lyrics of the song are about escaping a constant search for a non-existent utopia and the video shows the bee escaping the constant search for honey. Here, honey is a great metaphor for utopia and perfection.”

The last frame of the video shows the main character (the animated bee), flying through the bee cinema towards the camera, which Greg says indicates the bee’s own self-awareness.

“Eventually the bee flies out of frame through the screen of the cinema showing it’s broken the cycle of searching for utopia and is now free.”

A mellow electronic-rock lament intricately brought to life through the lens of a bee, Strangely Enough’s Graceville music video distils the myth of a honeyed utopia while leaving viewers with an existential sweet tooth.

Watch Strangely Enough’s new music video Graceville exclusively below and catch them launching ‘Graceville’ at Woolloongabba Substation on 8 September.