Sera may be calling the Doctor in their new single, but this poplicious track is far from a cry for help.

Written during rehearsal, Doctor gives a tip of the hat to those special people in our lives who ease our anxieties.

“Lyrically, I write down whatever comes to mind based on how the music makes me feel,” said lead singer Eloise Mitchell.

“In this case I was inspired by the idea that you can be the puppet of your own thoughts; anxiety, stress, doubt etc, but how a lover, family or friend can be that one key to make it all go away.”

Doctor is the first taste of the band’s debut EP Call Me Up which is due for release later this month. Furthering the pop trio’s signature gift for turning negative experiences into catchy, musical silver linings, the four tracks featured on Call Me Up all promote one thing – self-confidence.

“Each track is a different take on dealing with life and stress and putting yourself ahead of it. We followed the theme and named the EP Call Me Up as a bit of a tease to encourage people to get in touch, get out of their comfort zone and start pushing to be recognised.”

With infectious hooks, and a catchy chorus, Eloise says the fact that she always wants to dance when playing Doctor, made it frontrunner for the record’s lead single.

The band will launch Doctor and their debut EP Call Me Up at a sure-to-be rave-worthy show at Black Bear Lodge on 22 March.

If you’re ready to dance your way into the waiting room, quit messing around and give Doctor a play!

Listen to Doctor exclusively below and keep your ears peeled for Sera’s debut EP Call Me Up which drops 17 March. Then catch the band on 22 March at Black Bear Lodge. All event info HERE.