They say it takes two to tango when it comes to falling in love, but what about when love ends in a break-up? As tempting as it is to wholly blame the other party, Gold Coast up-and-comer, Saint Barae, implores us to explore our own romantic shortcomings as he laments the aftermath of a good love burned dry on his glittering new single It Takes Two (feat. Newbyy), out 28 February.

A self-proclaimed “pop alien” and bedroom producer, Saint Barae is the moniker of Joshua Bell, who locals may recognise from Brisbane alt-rock outfit The Wlvs. Teaming up with housemate, and fellow creative, Newbyy, his latest solo gem, It Takes Two, is inspired by a love of 80s synths and subversive ‘smart pop’ acts like The 1975. Featuring airy, angelic-like vocals set to an ethereal electronic-pop sound bed, It Takes Two hits you in the feels with bittersweet sentiments, whisking you into the waves of emotion that come from love gone wrong.

“The story of this song came from a weird time in my life when I was dating someone in secret. It’s a really bad situation to be in because there’s no accountability either way, there’s only the two of you – the good and the bad and it can be extremely lonely and quickly turn sour when it feels like you have no one else to confide in or validate your experiences,” said Joshua.

“The lyrics describe that moment when you wake up next to someone and think ‘Damn, this isn’t going to work out is it.’ It’s about how quickly love can turn to scorn and the inevitability of the end once it’s staring you in the face.”

An introspective ballad that is both heart-wrenching and hopeful, It Takes Two reminds us that the break-down of any relationship is the responsibility of both people; no one party alone is to blame. Part of a larger body of work, Joshua says he’s working on completing an EP or album before the year is out. There’s also a hand animated lyric video for It Takes Two on the way, with a special Brisbane show in April soon-to-be-announced.

Put your headphones on and get swept up in the magnificent and emotional musical tides of Saint Barae’s new pop gem, It Takes Two (feat. Newbyy), streaming exclusively below, before it drops this Friday, 28 February.