Ever been stuck in a relationship that wasn’t really about love? Then you’ve got a soul sister in Brisbane electronic-folk songstress RUBEE, who’s debut single Never Really Was Love delves into unrequited love within couples, and the freedom afforded when such unions break up.

An experimental playground of synths and electronic drums, Never Really Was Love is a reflective and uplifting number that belongs on an anthemic playlist alongside the likes of Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion; empowering songs that emphasise there is life after (supposed) love.

Never Really Was Love is about a break up, and realising that after everything you went through together, the relationship was based on feeling less alone rather than love for one another,” said Melissa Nichols aka RUBEE.

“It’s about moving on, and remembering you’re still the ruler of your own world post-break up.”

Set to a picturesque backdrop of cliffs and nature scenes, the Never Really Was Love music video shot by Cloud King Media, sees RUBEE don self-designed outfits, a gold leather crown and bold make up as, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she dances to the rhythm of her own beat.

“I wanted the video to stand for freedom; feeling free from the bounds of a relationship that isn’t working. The water scene in particular, represents waking up to reality, as jumping into cold water wakes you up physically, so we’ve used that to symbolise a mental epiphany.”

RUBEE has plans to release more new music this year, and will be launching Never Really Was Love with a show at Brisbane’s Bloodhound Bar on 8 March and Gold Coast’s Mandala & Co on 16 March.

Break free with RUBEE and watch her debut music video for Never Really Was Love exclusively below. Never Really Was Love is OUT NOT via Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and Triple J Unearthed.