Under the cloak of mythological themes and scary characters, ROO’s third EP Bansidhe unravels dark realities.

Trading in their signature blues-rock sound in favour of sparse electronic stylings and emotive, powerhouse vocals, Bansidhe explores themes of stalking, obsession and confusion, bravely charting lead singer Roo’s experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I was dealing with PTSD when I wrote most of the tracks on Bansidhe. It was hard to go outside and I spent a lot of time alone. Music was my way of making sense of what was happening,” said Roo.

“I sat down with my computer and guitar and just let it all out. All of the things that I found strange and disturbing, all of the things that I felt slipping away from me.  It was a very honest and cleansing process.  Recording and releasing these songs now has given me a huge sense of finality.”

With haunting vocals and an enthralling penchant for storytelling reminiscent of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Roo’s sonic recollections of her own experiences are like a warm blanket of comfort for individuals going through similar hardships.

Bansidhe has been my white whale for many years. It reminds me that change can be a good thing, but it is important to remember who you are and not be afraid of it.”

Recorded at ROO’s home studio ‘The Dungeon,’ Bansidhe will be released through Hungry Spaniel Records in August. A record from the heart, the tracks on Bansidhe will not be performed live. The EP will be welcomed into the world though with a shindig at The Zoo this Saturday night, 22 July.

“We’re always down for a party! We’ll be playing as many fun and upbeat songs as we can think of to get the crowd dancing and having a good time!”

Grab a cup of tea and settle in for your exclusive first listen to ROO’s stunning new EP Bansidhe! Track-by-track descriptions also included below.


'Bansidhe' Track-By-Track By ROO
  1. Bansidhe
    A mythical creature that foretells a death by wailing. This track has a personal meaning for me of remembering who I am and not being afraid.
  2. Selkie
    A mythical creature who is both seal and human, caught between the love of the land and the love of the sea. This track reminds me to find balance.
  3. Man In The Trenchcoat
    Based on a true story! In this song I took on the character of a stalker as my way of saying ‘f*** you’.
  4. Katie
    This is a song about an interesting obsession I witnessed a long time ago. It was very strange and confusing.

  5. Coma
    This song is about the realisation that you’ve spent years stuck on auto-pilot and the fear and joy of the possibilities that lie ahead.

ROO will launch their latest EP Bansidhe at Music Is My Muse and Vincent & Jules’ Second Birthday Bash at The Zoo this Saturday night, 22 July. Exclusive goodie bags for $5 PRE-SALE ticket holders will include a FREE COPY of Bansidhe.* Book your $5 PRE-SALE TICKETS HERE.

*First 50 PRE-SALE goodie bags. Arrive early and cash your pre-sale ticket in to collect.
** If this interview or the music has brought up any issues or caused you distress, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Feature image and poster by Vincent & Jules.