I know that it’s not easy being different. But what’s worse is thinking that we’re all the same. – Golden Sage

Like an ancient spell, Regular Band’s latest single Golden Sage will get into your bones with its catchy chorus and infiltrate your mind with its call to dissent – a call that dares us all to be different.

Inspired by a movie concept lead singer and guitarist Chris Wenner devised, Golden Sage gives a human face to visionaries and the struggles they face in a world full of naysayers resistant to change.

“The song tells the story of a person named Golden Sage and their inability to exist without catastrophe in the world,” said Chris.

“Golden Sage, the character, is a visionary of the times. Just like anyone with vision or an invention though, people are initially resistant. For instance, people thought computers were a waste of time, and now they run modern civilisation. Golden Sage represents those people who enable society to move forward.”

Produced by Brock Weston of Studio Circuit and mastered by Tyson Ruth of Studio Truth, Golden Sage is more refined than the band’s previous releases. Gone are the 5-minute long epics; going forward, Chris says only the best parts will do.

Golden Sage started as an experiment to try out a new studio. Now we’re hoping it will be the first chapter in a series of songs and episodes with a lot of different characters.”

Golden Sage is an anthem for the dreamers, thinkers, outsiders, visionaries and all those who dare to be different – be sure to play it loud!

Regular Band will launch Golden Sage at The Foundry this Thursday, 22 June.

Stream Golden Sage exclusively below, and grab your copy via Triple J Unearthed, Itunes and BandCamp when the song officially drops on 22 June.