Nothing could stop heavy-rockers Red Gazelle from filming their debut music video Time Won’t Heal.

Embracing the rock n roll spirit and a ‘the show must go on attitude,’ the band changed their plans for the video clip at the last minute when their vocalist broke his arm.

Replacing the story they had originally planned for the video with an energetic performance filmed in the carpark of Housefox Studios in Sydney, the band gives viewers a taste of what it would be like to see them live.

Time Won’t Heal is about being wronged so badly that not even time can heal the wounds. It is a grand opening for Red Gazelle, whose forthcoming EP promises more unforgiving, unrelenting rock numbers!

Red Gazelle launch their new single Time Won’t Heal at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney this Friday, 18 September. You’ve seen them rock out onscreen and now you can see them do it in real life!