In a world veiled under the illusion of perfection, where depression and a general sense of disconnection are on the rise, Peppermint Ollie’s new soft-rock ballad, Once A Day, is a welcome reminder to take off the rose-coloured glasses and check in, in a real way, with ourselves.

Known for turning negative experiences into light-hearted songs with a comedic edge, the talented Brisbane songstress is setting humour aside this time around, to candidly share her own struggles with mental health.

“I wrote Once a Day when I was feeling torn about going back on antidepressants,” said Olivia (aka Peppermint Ollie). “It’s about making a choice; do I continue to feel low, or go back to feeling nothing at all, which I find incredibly frustrating, as I rely so heavily on my emotions to write and be creative. Basically, I wanted to write about the feeling of feeling nothing.”

A deviation from her usual sunny folk-pop stylings, Olivia describes Once A Day as her darkest song to date, taking a leaf out of the book of early noughties pop-rock bands like Evanescence to achieve the rock-centric vibe she desired.

“One of the best things about writing is that you’re constantly growing and developing your sound. It was really exciting to go heavier on Once A Day. Along with my previous single Fairy Bread, it gives a good indication of the path I’m going down musically on my second EP, which I’ve nearly finished writing.”

Fans will have the chance to hear a handful of Olivia’s new songs when she launches Once A Day at The Bearded Lady this Thursday, 8 August. Until then, she hopes listeners find solace in her latest gem.

“I hope listeners who relate to Once a Day feel less isolated in their situation. I also hope they can head-bang in their car to it.”

Take a breather and reconnect with your inner world by streaming Peppermint Ollie’s new single Once A Day exclusively below. Once A Day is out this Friday, 9 August with a launch show at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady this Thursday night, 8 August. All event info HERE.