With a strong rhythm and free-spirited attitude, Noralyn’s new single Rebel Heart is a call to arms to live your life with purpose.

Following the release of her debut EP Mercy In Madness last year, Rebel Heart is the first track to be released from Noralyn’s forthcoming sophomore EP, due out mid-2018.

A pop-laden tune that gives nod to her previous work, Rebel Heart is also inspired by dance beats, with the songstress eager to create an upbeat piece that would incite joy, and perhaps a rebellious streak, in listeners.

Rebel Heart is a song about finding my purpose and allegiance and the joy I feel at having a reason to live and love with intent,” said Noralyn.

“On one side it challenges the ‘listen to your heart’ cliché, as sometimes the heart can be a trouble maker when emotions and impulses are the only things at play. On the other side, Rebel Heart celebrates the strong, courageous, not-afraid-to-stand-out energy rebels are known for, which can be a really positive thing when that energy has purpose and is channelled into the right things.”

Noralyn is currently working on a music video for Rebel Heart and putting the finishing touches on her next record.

Crank up the volume and stream Noralyn’s Rebel Heart exclusively below for a dose of free-spirited positivity! Rebel Heart is available on Itunes, Spotify and Amazon from Friday, 23 November.