What you see is what you get with instrumental, hip hop guitarist Nonjuror (aka Sam Jones). A man and his guitar, Nonjuror cuts a nostalgic picture in his music video for his first single Capernoited.

Capernoited – an old colloquial Scottish term for being slightly intoxicated or tipsy – is a fitting title for a song with such a slick groove. Sam says he has a lot of fun playing the track, and wanted to capture that in the film clip.

“I’m an improviser and wanted to introduce myself with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get performance. The original concept was to shoot me playing guitar on a couch which then graduated to park bench and finally to a bar stool,” he said.

“Little Bobblehead Me at the end of the clip (and the cover art) is a hat tip to the Quorum Consensus stop motion music video Cliché we made back in the day.”

Capernoited is the first cut from Nonjuror’s debut record Watched Pots Never Boil, which is out now.

Watch Nonjuror’s impressive performance in the Capernoited music video, and then read on to hear about the top four musicians that inspired his guitar playing.  



  1. Jim Kelly. When I was 17 I enrolled into guitar boot camp (a.k.a Southern Cross University) and Jim was our Drill Instructor. Hands down one of the most interesting guitarists you’ll hear and one hell of a teacher. I honestly couldn’t say where I’d be today without that experience…all I know is that I’m STILL to this day working my way through the concepts we were introduced to.
  2. Jeff Golub. I think as far as phrasing and feel I’ve probably gotten most of how I approach playing from listening to Jeff.
  3. Freddie King. Every guitarist should list at least one of the three Kings (Albert, BB and Freddie) when asked their influences. Freddie was just always so damn funky. Check out his tune Woman Across The River.
  4. Slash. Dial back to 1992: Dad took me one Saturday to a dirty, dusty antique furniture store, on a dilapidated bookshelf sat GNR’s Use Your Illusion II (World Tour 1992 in Tokyo) VHS. We took it home and it kicked off with You Could Be Mine. That was it, I was hooked. That was day one. Everything since has been a guitar related blur.

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Feature image by Tammy Silva of Brisbane Local Bands
Film Crew: Skybar Studios