Luscious melodies, candid lyrics and a music video to match, marks the arrival of Brisbane’s newest indie-rockers, Monsoon Monsoon, who are today launching their debut single and music video This Love.

Breaking out with a break-up track, This Love is musically mellow yet layered with emotional depth.

“At its core, This Love is a breakup song. It’s an internal monologue of the thoughts and rationalisations that ultimately lead to two people physically and mentally parting ways,” said guitarist Matt McCarthy.

Melancholic and subtle one minute, and fun and dance-like the next, Matt says This Love represents the band’s dynamic sound, making it a good first taste of what is yet to come. Aided by a Kickstarter campaign, the band funded the accompanying music video, bringing This Love to visual life with the help of videographer Adrian Goleby.

“For the music video, we wanted a strong story-line inspired by the lyrics, interspersed with shots of the band. In the video, we see a rift between a couple, with both characters experiencing those realisations of making the call to walk away, but fearing the loss of doing so.”

Having launched their first single and music video, there’s just one thing left on Monsoon Monsoon’s to-do list for this release: a single launch party! Joining a line-up of local legends, the band will celebrate the release of This Love at The BLOOM Series #3 on 17 August.

“We’ll be unleashing a full set of songs you can groove to and there may even be a classic 90’s dance tune. Come along and join the party!”

Watch Monsoon Monsoon’s debut music video for single This Love exclusively below and catch them playing at BLOOM Series #3 at the Milk Factory on 17 August. All event info HERE.