Arriving just in time to counter any cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day PDAs, Brissie alt-rockers, Midnight Fuckboys, are gifting the world their mischievous new down-with-love banger, Out Of Luck, out 14 February.

Labeling their music as “commitment issue rock,” you could be forgiven for thinking this cheeky quintet, who met in high school, have a chip on their shoulder about relationships, but it’s all just a bit of fun.

Out Of Luck came about as an ode to the band-name and its persona. The main character comes across as a massive douche-bag, but you shouldn’t take him too seriously,” said lead singer and keyboardist, Murray Thorpe.

“The song is about being the kind of guy that your girl doesn’t want to bring home to her parents, something we as a band do not condone. Funnily enough though, back in high-school I got my girlfriend grounded for sneaking out at night, which made me feel like a bad boy (don’t worry we’re still together and her parents don’t mind me at all, contrary to what the song may lead you to believe).”

Out Of Luck channels a more pop-punk sound than their previous single Harry’s Never Had A Girlfriend, with the band professing their upcoming songs will toe a more heavy-rock line.

“We try to keep things interesting and give each song of ours a distinctly different sound. We also take turns sharing the role of front-man which we think diversifies our sound.”

With sights set on recording their debut EP this year, we’re looking forward to hearing more tongue-in-cheek goodness from these rockers.

Vaccinate yourself against any over-the-top, cliched “love” sentiments ahead of Valentine’s Day by streaming Midnight Fuckboys’ mischievous anthem Out Of Luck exclusively below. Out Of Luck is out via Triple J Unearthed tomorrow, 14 February.