While we are all unique, by nature we are all inherently the same. That’s the thought-provoking premise behind Mickey’s debut single Clever Clones.

Featuring catchy, colourful melodies and commanding vocals, Clever Clones delivers pop-rock stylings with a twist of meaningful intrigue.

Clever Clones is basically a lifetime of realizations packaged into three minutes of sound,” said front man Mickey Van Wyk.

Recorded at Serotonin Productions by local Gold Coast music champion Guy Cooper, the track is the first major release for the band, and explores the idea that we are all a series of clones.

“Every person is a blend of many unique pieces that together make up one individual. Figuratively, we are all born a blank page, and as we grow a picture slowly forms on that page that has many colours, aspects and scenes.”

Clever Clones is about these pieces and how, while we are all fundamentally the same based on our human nature, we are still slightly different where it counts so that we aren’t just clones, but clever clones.”

Mickey will launch their debut single in a three-date tour of South-East Queensland, which concludes with the release of the Clever Clones music video at the final show on 26, May. With a flair for theatrics and Pink Floyd-esque song intros, Mickey know how to put on a top-notch show.

Taste test Mickey’s debut single Clever Clones via the exclusive stream below, grab a copy of the song on Itunes when drops this Saturday, 6 May, and catch the band live on one of their upcoming tour dates.



Saturday, 6 May @ Ric’s Bar, Brisbane
Friday, 26 May @ Currumbin Creek Tavern, Gold Coast
Saturday, 27 May @ Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane