A pink cloud, jellybean raindrops and a lion onesie make for a colourful introduction to Mickey in his debut music video Clever Clones.

Directed by Guy Cooper (who also produced the song), Clever Clones uses flamboyant imagery to reiterate the song’s main message that we are all unique individuals who share inherent similarities.

With the pink cloud symbolising humanity’s shared traits, such as love and hate, Mickey says the raindrops represent every member of society and the variations they embody.

“Visually, I wanted to show we all come from the same place, but still end up as our own individual raindrop,” he said.

Describing his own raindrop as “fairly colourful,” the video also gives fans a taste of what they can expect from this pop-rocker.

“I like to think of myself as the boy who will never grow up and I really wanted to send the message that life can be like one colossal slumber party. There really is no rule book besides the one you want to live by.”

Hit play on Mickey’s Clever Clones music video and be prepared to dance along!


Friday, 26 May @ Currumbin Creek Tavern, Gold Coast
Saturday, 27 May @ Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane