Like a rainbow that lights up the sky after a storm, Mick Danby’s debut album Portico instantly injects you with positive vibes.

Colouring in between the sonic lines of acoustic, pop-rock, Portico is full of upbeat rhythms and feel good messages that will leave you inspired, energised, and ready to make the most of the party that is life.

“The word Portico means doorways. To me it stands for opportunity, travel, excitement, good friends and good vibes. I want this record to show people that life is for living, not for being negative or unhappy,” said Mick.

A seasoned musician, who has played in countless bands over the past 17 years, Mick says he’s over the moon to finally have a release that is solely his own.

Portico is my baby, and I am proud and excited to be releasing it. People have been coming to my gigs for years asking about a potential, solo album – so here it is!”

Get ready to broaden your smile or turn your frown upside down, because Portico is available today! Stream the album exclusively below, and then grab your own copy via ITUNES or SPOTIFY.

To celebrate Portico’s release, Mick is also giving fans a track-by-track description of the album (below)!



  1. Float. Float has a simple concept – it’s a love song. I wrote it years ago but for some reason I locked it away and did nothing with it. It’s a punchy start to the album and I’m proud to call it the first single from Portico!
  1. Time. This song has become one of my favourites! The way Kev. Browne twisted and turned this song into an upbeat, dance track is simply brilliant. Also the ticking clock theme is a stroke of genius. If you’re driving in your car, turn this one up LOUD.
  1. Tis Life. A perfectly rounded, fun and simple rock song with some very happy vibes! When I listen to this track I think “PARTY”. This song is about choosing your own path and sticking to it.
  1. Rock Solid. Ok,hold the phone, where did this track come from? I wrote it about a month ago, not even kidding. I called up my producer and said “I have a new track and I think I want It on Portico.” So we made it happen. Kick your feet up, pour yourself a cold drink and breathe it in baby.
  2. Kev L. Browne. This song has done the rounds! It started out as a soft, acoustic song and after one boozy, studio lock-in session it morphed into a very upbeat, almost ‘rap’ song! Where did it come from?? Who knows! But you’ll dig it.
  1. Trilby. Written a few years ago while relaxing on the beach after a surf and you can definitely feel that vibe! This song has soul and charisma. Close your eyes and think of sunshine and holidays, and remember to turn up the bass!
  1. I Can Tell You This. Not going to lie… I’ve recorded this song professionally three times. We’ve totally nailed it this time… totally nailed it. The message is very positive and the bottom end half way through will make your skin tremble.
  1. Float (Solo). This is a stripped back, solo version of the single I recorded it for an instagram post and had some amazing feedback. So I decided to include it on the album.
  1. End of the Road. Everyone grab your drinks! “PROST!” This is a happy, man hugging kind of song. I’d like to think this track will find its way into many college parties and even a wedding or two… at the END of the night. It’s fun and happy – drink it in!
  1. Somehow (Solo). This is another stripped back, solo version of a song I wrote and released a few years back with band Rokeby Venus. It has a more serious message. It’s about growing up, choosing your path and trying your hardest to make the right decisions. I guess this song was written after I’d believed I’d made a wrong one.