If you’re already missing summer, fear not! Maja’s debut music video The Dreamer will have you reliving those long, blissful days spent with friends in the sun.

Blending soul, folk and blues, The Dreamer features soaring vocals and a memorable tune. It’s inspired by 18 year old innocence, with the accompanying music video capturing the spontaneous, carefree and adventurous spirit of youth.

Directed by Dean Swindell, the video follows Maja and her friends as they explore Cedar Creek Falls and host an impromptu house party concert. Maja says the goal was to make the audience feel like they’re a part of the fun.

“I wanted it to be a laid-back, feel-good video that captured the essence of summer. My overall vision was to make people feel like they wanted to be there with us – to make them jealous of our fun,” she said.

The Dreamer was filmed on location at Samford over two days, with much of what you see on screen the result of unplanned, shared moments.

“Most of the video was filmed very much in-the-moment, it was a very organic process. My favourite moments were the ones the group created like the synchronised swimming and human whirlpool.”

There’s a certain charm and buzz about The Dreamer that will have you reminiscing and wishing it was summer all over again. Hit play and let the magic begin!

Watch The Dreamer and get along to Maja’s EP Launch at Black Bear Lodge on 31 March.