Taking a leaf out of nature’s notebook, Brisbane indie-pop newcomers, Loulou, are bathing listeners in sunny sounds on their debut single, Photosynthesis, out 15 August.

Fronted by Queensland Music Awards finalist Louis Whelan, Loulou features members from local acts like The Mouldy Lovers, GLADYYS and Frogjuice (NZ). Underscoring indie-pop sentiments with new-wave rhythm and rock’n’roll disposition, their debut single Photosynthesis is an upbeat love letter to humanity; a plea to live more positively.

Photosynthesis is about letting your guard down and being more open to love and compassion,” said Louis. “It’s frustrating how humans (including myself) often deny themselves the things they need to be happy.”

“If you look to nature you can see that plants are able thrive by simply being. They utilise all the energy provided to them by the sun, and turn bad air into good air. I’m not a scientist, but basically I think humans should be more like plants.”

A mere seedling, a sampler, of what the band is about, Louis says the indie pop-rock foundation Photosynthesis lays is likely to be followed up with a more stripped back, synth-driven sound on future releases. He says Loulou are currently working on new material, honing their live show and planning the accompanying Photosynthesis music video.

“This weekend, I’m heading to my family’s farm in rural Queensland with my best friend and a DV camcorder. We used to make short-films together as kids and I’m hoping we can come up with a low-budget video for Photosynthesis that should hopefully be out in September.”

Loulou launch Photosynthesis at The Bearded Lady on 22 August. And for those wanting to take a walk on the sunny side of life, Louis has this advice…

“Be more like a plant. Take a breath, drink some water and be good to your mates!”

Make like a plant and turn towards the sun by streaming Loulou’s debut single Photosynthesis exclusively below. Photosynthesis is out 15 August with a launch show at The Bearded Lady on 22 August. All event info HERE.