A sunny disposition may be hard to come by in these trying times, but Brisbane indie-popsters Loulou are filling up much needed hope supplies with their encouraging new single and music video, Gotta Get Better, out 25 March.

The follow up to their debut single, Photosynthesis, Loulou’s latest creation brings mental health to the forefront, flagging how conditions like anxiety and depression can get swept under the rug

Gotta Get Better is about wanting things to improve at a time when you’re feeling low. Bringing these issues out into the open is pertinent, so I decided to lead by example and just write about what mental health looks like for me,” said front man Louis Whelan.

In the accompanying music video, shot and edited by Louis and friend Dugald Graydon, Loulou explore the connection between mental health and the media.

“We wanted to underline how easy it is to feel like you’re alone in your mental struggles when your main view of the outside world is through Instagram, Netflix, and TV etc. So often the road to recovery is made to look like this simple step-by-step process, so we wanted to flip that and share a story about someone wondering why they’re finding it harder to work through.”

Watching the video through the current lens of life in COVID-19 times, Louis admits viewers could be forgiven for thinking the video is about the unfolding crisis (it was however, filmed beforehand).

Gotta Get Better is about resilience in the face of mental hardships, which is something a lot of people are experiencing right now. We hope this song can provide some optimism and catharsis for anyone out there who’s feeling down.”

“Music and art play a much bigger role in maintaining the mental health of our society than they get credit for, and it’s so hard to see creative industries among the hardest hit by the current situation. Now is the time for solidarity and we look forward to seeing the arts (and hopefully society) get through this together as we always do.”

Resettle yourself on the couch and get your glimmer of hope delivered in the comfort of your own home, by watching Loulou’s Gotta Get Better music video, exclusively below. Gotta Get Better is out this Wednesday, 25 March.