Like a sombre musical sinkhole you want to dive headfirst into, Brisbane’s Local Authority seamlessly blend dream-pop sensibilities with shoegaze sentiments to create a slice of heaven on new single Oil Rigs, out 3 May via Valley Heat Records.

Radiating mesmerising ambience, Oil Rigs comprises a prolific layering of instruments and ideas, captured simultaneously by 13 meticulously-placed microphones using sound and its absence, to craft a space where light and dark coexist.

Oil Rigs is a personal reflection about being lost in your own thoughts and how draining that can be; the battle between consciousness and nothingness,” said vocalist and bass player, Jacque McGill.

Filmed DIY-style on a vintage super 8 camera, the accompanying Oil Rigs music video is equally entrancing, splicing together grainy footage of spontaneous moments of time in Brisbane’s CBD and New Zealand’s Waikato Region to create the illusion of having one foot in each world.

“The imagery of the video contrasts lush nature scenes with monotonous inner city sprawl. At the same time it also contrasts these beautiful patterns of the city landscape with the decay of the natural world. It’s a similar juxtaposition to what the song is about: being stuck between two worlds.”

Giving nod to acts like The Cure, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, Oil Rigs is the sophomore single from Local Authority’s forthcoming debut album Negative Space, due out later this year.

“With regards to the album, Oil Rigs is kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel, but in reverse. It just gets deeper and darker from there. More dreamier and gloomier, like being stuck in a blackhole.”

Dip your toes in and watch Local Authority’s mesmerising Oil Rigs music video exclusively below, and enter the real-life musical vortex when they launch this sonic slice at The Bearded Lady on 11 May.

Local Authority’s slice of shoegaze heaven, Oil Rigs, is out this Friday, 3 May via Valley Heat Records with a launch show at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady on Saturday, 11 May. All event info available HERE.