As a cold front sweeps South East Queensland this weekend, blues-roots belle Leanne Tennant is reminding us all of the warmth and happiness sun, surf and sea vibes bring in her picturesque new music video, Till The Sun Dies.

Inspired by her lifelong desire to learn how to surf, Till The Sun Dies is a laidback but powerful tune that packs an enchanting punch with the songstress’ lulling vocals set to a rhythmic beat that flows like the waves of the ocean.

“When I wrote the song, I had intense beach scapes in my head and just the feeling of being free,” said the three times Queensland Music Awards winner and Carol Lloyd Award (2018) recipient.

“I’ve always admired people who can surf and can only imagine what it must feel like to be out there at one with the ocean, and working in unison with something that’s so much more powerful than you are.”

Unable to film a music video due to COVID-19 restrictions, Leanne teed up with Red Bull surf-filmmaker Peter Baker, who went through his archives and spliced together some incredible footage featuring pro surfers Michelle Des Bouillons (Brazil) and Imogen Caldwell (Australia) into a video that brings Till The Sun Dies to visual life.

“When I watch back the footage from this video it makes my heart flutter. I could watch people surf for hours – it’s therapeutic. The song is also about society being so focused on searching for things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, when all we really need is the sea, the sun and the air. I hope when people watch the video that it’s a reminder of how free we can be.”

Part of a collection of moments from Leanne’s life over the past two years that have brought great insight and joy, Till The Sun Dies is the fourth taste of her forthcoming album Happiness Is…, which is due out 9 July.

“This record carried me through a whirlwind couple of years, and strangely enough has been my sanity throughout the current pandemic. I hope when people listen, they are reminded of things that make them happy.”

Get your hit of happiness and watch Leanne Tennant’s Till The Sun Dies music video exclusively below.