Dreaming of those carefree days when you didn’t have adult responsibilities? So are we! Thankfully, we’re all in the same boat, and Brisbane indie-pop champ Katanak is captaining this ship summing up the collective *sigh* that is adult life in his bouncy new single Take Us Back, out 22 April.

Underscored by a boppin’ beat that’ll have you tapping your feet, Take Us Back is a feel-good ditty that will help you dance your worries away, leaving you feeling like it’s the weekend with every play. It’s an ironic feat for a track that deals with the casualties of growing up and juggling responsibilities.

Take Us Back came about because I was sick of being an adult, as I’m sure literally all of us are sometimes. I began asking: what had my life become? Have a job, try to save, find time to play my music, work out how to fund my music, find the time to try and promote my music, work out how to keep my fiancée in the country, and more,” said front man, Dylan Cattanach.

“I just really wanted to go back to a time where I could just hang out with my mates and do whatever we wanted. No thinking about the future except for what we were going to do. The world seemed so much simpler then and that’s what Take Us Back captures.”

Written in pre- COVID-19 times, Take Us Back now takes on a whole new layer of meaning as people across the globe come to grips with the changing world we find ourselves in, so much so that Dylan and co have colloquially given their track an abridged title of Take Us Back (before there was coronavirus). Jokes aside, Take Us Back is here to add a dash of happiness amidst disorder.  

“As with all my songs, I want the listener to take away whatever they want. Whatever makes them feel good. For me, Take Us Back is 3m 17 sec of feel good vibes that afterwards stick with me for quite a while; a natural high. There’s no hidden meaning behind wanting to go back – we all want to go back to a certain time in our life – now more than ever with what’s going on.”

Block out the worries of the world by putting your headphones on and dancing to the buoyant beat that is Katanak’s new single Take Us Back, streaming exclusively below.


Love what you hear? Check out Katanak’s music video for Take Us Back which is a finalist in the Brisbane City Council’s QUBE Effect program, HERE.

Feature image: Katanak by  Louella Kate Baldwin of Puddleduck Pictures