Being in the presence of the one you love feels pretty darn sweet, and Karrie Hayward captures these warm fuzzy feelings in her dreamy new music video for latest single Centrepiece.

Directed by Hayden Warner and featuring actor Zachary Luka as Karrie’s love interest, the Centrepiece music video is set against the backdrop of Byron Bay’s artistic streets, and follows a couple in the beginning phases of their relationship simply enjoying each others company.

“To be honest, the music video was spontaneous and came together within a day.” said Karrie.

“It has a similar story-line to the song, really putting the emotions and happiness of a couple being together into play.”

Centrepiece is the second offering from the indie-pop songstress’ upcoming EP Ephemeral, which further delves into the ins and outs of romantic dalliances.

“The EP is titled Ephemeral which means something that doesn’t really last for a long period of time. It’s a timeline of a relationship from start to finish, taking listeners through all the real life ups and downs. Ephemeral is a personal body of work as all these songs evolved from real experiences and I’m excited to share that with everyone, so they can feel how I felt.”

A blissful chapter from a record yet to be released, Centrepiece is sure to give you happy feels (regardless of whether you’re coupled up or not).

Watch Karrie Hayward’s new music video Centrepiece exclusively below.