A simple visual depiction conveys a compelling message in Jimi Beavis’ new music video At Least It’s Better Than Home.

Written in 2013, At Least It’s Better Than Home addresses the displacement and poor treatment of refugees, which is sadly still a major issue in society today.

A rhythm and blues lament, the song tells the story of a man who flees to a new land only to be sent back to his home country where he is persecuted and put to death. The accompanying music video uses a symbolic storyline to express the hopelessness of such circumstances.

“I wanted the video to capture the plight of refugees without being disrespectful or exploitative of their pain. So I played the part of someone being kicked while they’re down, as others nearby applaud or take part,” said Jimi.

At Least It’s Better Than Home is the first single from Jimi’s forthcoming album Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs, which is due out 10 June. It serves as a sobering reminder that as global citizens, we should all be looking out for each other in this world.

Watch the music video for At Least It’s Better Than Home exclusively below, and keep an eye on Jimi Beavis’ website on 10 June for his new album Post-Apocalyptic Love Songs.


Music video co-directed by Jimi Beavis & Asha Constance.

Feature image by Asha Constance of Baueri Creative.