Australian singer JESA debuts vibrant self-love anthem.

Turning frowns upside down while transforming break-ups into bold new beginnings, comes JESA’s flourishing, heartening, and empowering self-love anthem, You Before Me, out 3 December.

An enchanting and rallying call-to-action to always treat yourself with respect and put yourself first, You Before Me is a manifesto born from the steep learning curve of not practicing self-love, particularly in relationships.

“I wrote You Before Me retrospectively, looking back at a time when I didn’t believe I was enough and how unhealthy that was,” said the South-East Queensland based singer-songwriter. “It began as a tragic break-up song written on the piano while at my parent’s house, but after sharing the track with my friend and collaborator Robert Cooper, I decided to transform the song from its morbid origins into something more uplifting.”

The result is an upbeat dance anthem with a bouncy beat, that feels like the musical equivalent of the bright vibes of Brisbane’s Festival Of Colours (where festivalgoers are immersed in colourful paints). Recorded at Byron Bay’s Rockinghorse Studios, before being re-birthed into its current form at Billy Otto’s Treehouse Studio, JESA’s debut single is inspired by 1970s soul and ‘80s disco, and draws comparisons to the likes of Lisa Mitchell and Maggie Rogers.

Fusing her passion for folk with new age pop, JESA’s music comes straight from the heart, purporting messages of encouragement, self-care, and healing.

You Before Me explores the depths of my journey in embracing new beginnings and accepting the past. It dives into themes of grieving lovers, understanding self-worth, and challenging old belief systems. I hope it inspires listeners to appreciate life’s lessons.”

Be inspired to reflect on the year that was, and start dreaming about the year coming up, by streaming JESA’s flourishing debut single You Before Me exclusively below. You Before Me is out 3 December.


Feature image: JESA by Laynya Film & Photography