Gold Coast pop-punk rockers Being Jane Lane are flying the “girls just wanna have fun” flag loud and proud today with the release of their kick arse, debut EP Being Jane Lane.

Recorded and produced by Guy Cooper of Serotonin Productions, the EP has already spawned an electrifying first single Animal, with the second cut Ohio being unveiled today in celebration of the record.

Expelling the frustrations of push and pull relationships, Ohio is a cutting commentary that many will find themselves nodding along to while thinking of a certain someone. The accompanying music video is just as wicked, showing a slayer performance by the band that oozes a controlled rage akin to Kelly Clarkson shredding her ex’s pillows in Since U Been Gone – albeit, a harder, punk-rock version.

Ohio is one of our slower songs. It has a really gloomy feel, so we wanted to use lighting in the video to express the mood of the song and to convey to viewers how we feel when we play the track,” said bassist Louise Sanders.

With brain bending guitar riffs and machine gun snare pops, Being Jane Lane’s new tunes will send shockwaves through your system in the best possible way.

Fans of L7, Hole and The Distillers should add these ladies to their must-listen list, as should anyone who likes their music with a dose of attitude.

Watch Being Jane Lane’s Ohio music video below, read the EP track-by-track revelations and pick up your copy of their debut EP here.



Glad You’re Here
An upbeat opener, Glad You’re Here was one of the first songs we wrote. It’s a fun jam about dancing with a special someone that’ve we opened every one of our shows with to date, so we thought why not open our EP the same way.

Taking a massive u-turn from the upbeat opening song, Ohio lumbers in a trance like state into its chugtastic glory. It tells a story of frustrating emotional circumstances – the push and pull of relationships that can leave a person at their wits end.

The first single from the EP, Animal is an electrically charged, spitfire commentary on the seemingly endless possibilities the world presents on the foundations of an ailing system. It’s sure to get your head banging and your fists pumping.

Closing out the EP is this self-titled track which mused into life whilst mucking around at practice with some tongue-in-cheek style ad-libbing. It was so enjoyable to play that it became a regular part of our set, and some people’s favourite song. Unlike some other self-titled jams, BJL is certainly no mission statement, just a bit of fun between friends. It basically sums up the entire vibe of the record – just some girls having fun!

Being Jane Lane kick off their East Coast EP Launch in Sydney tonight. Check out all of their tour dates and catch them in a city near year this June/July!


Being Jane Lane EP Tour Dates

Music Video Credits 
Director Josh Hale and crew of Halestorm Productions.
Director of photography Ross Wells.