With crooning harmonies and melodies that sweep you off your feet, Huntington’s latest single Lone Tree is a sensual, soft-rock awakening.

The title track from their debut EP, out 9 March, Lone Tree continues the band’s signature ambient sound, which front man Kyle Morley says they’ll be moving away from slightly in future releases.

One of the first songs the band wrote together, Lone Tree explores feelings of tension and release.

“With Lone Tree I felt this vibe – a kind of frustration and pressure release in the music that I wanted to honour lyrically. To me, the song is written from the perspective of a couple just about to lay together for the first time, that beautiful, surreal feeling I’m sure we’re all familiar with,” said Kyle.

The accompanying music video, which was filmed by Joel and James at Driftpictures, draws on this idea to unravel a beautiful snapshot of the highs and lows of coupledom.

“The Lone Tree video shows a couple who are tense and fighting, eventually one runs away and they meet on the beach. It almost reinvents the meaning of the song and although the message is slightly different it portrays the mood perfectly. It’s all about sensuality – that pressure release.”

Huntington are celebrating the release of Lone Tree, the single and EP, with a show at The Milk Factory on Friday, 9 March. So make sure you head down and release the pressure of the working week with these talented weavers of ambient sound!

Watch Huntington’s debut music video Lone Tree exclusively below, grab a copy of the track (OUT NOW) and learn the words before joining Huntington at  their Lone Tree EP Launch on Friday, 9 March at The Milk Factory. All event info HERE.