With an enticing tribal rhythm, Gentle Persons Club invite you to set your worries free in the depths of their debut single Weight In The Water.

Initially inspired by the idea of teaming an E Minor with a G, vocalist and lead songwriter Brad Garnett says Weight In The Water developed into a piece about the healing powers of water.

“Water can be a tool through which we let go of things that build up over the course of our lives including the loss of connectedness to mother nature and each other,” said Brad.

Weight In The Water centres on the concept that we float more weightlessly in a natural body of water, in a sense enabling us to shed our pain, guilt and other negative emotions. It also draws attention to the relationships that can support or hinder a person’s growth and recovery.”

The accompanying music video ties into this broader theme of reconnecting with nature in order to set ourselves free from the weight of negativity.

“The video tells the story of a group of people from the city who meet ‘nature man’ – a forest dwelling shaman type, who takes them on a journey of self-discovery and teaches them to be more in tune with nature.”

The first track from their forthcoming debut EP, the band will be celebrating the release of Weight In The Water with a launch show at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady this Thursday night, 22 February.

“It’s going to be two hours of folky splendour, and me being over emotional at times and strum, strum, strumming up a dusty whirlwind to muddy up the beers and the tears.”

So kick off your shoes, settle in and shake your worries free watching Gentle Persons Club’s Weight In The Water music video exclusively below.