Infusing experimental hip-hop and psychedelic stylings with soulful gospel sounds and smooth basslines, Fonz Whaler’s Day By Day In The Universe is a concept album of cosmic proportions.

Written primarily on keyboard, with a focus on percussion, Fonz Whaler’s sophomore record deals with notions big and small, exploring the self and the cosmos in delicate detail.

“I wanted to simultaneously communicate the feeling of travelling the stars and exploring the universe in a futuristic setting, with the vibe of just living life here on earth,” said Tom Kakanis (aka Fonz Whaler).

While his first record, Fonz Whaler EP, encouraged listeners to look inwards, Day By Day In The Universe looks beyond the inner self to the external world – from the mundanities of everyday life, to the complexities of the universe.

“How far humanity is setting its sights in the future while still dealing with such basic things down here in our everyday lives is so interesting to me.  We’re both space explorers and people with normal lives, and I hope this record gives listeners space to think and go wherever they feel the music is taking them in their minds.”

Described as a journey through space and time from a wicker chair under the stars, Day By Day In The Universe is a record fans of fellow cosmonauts like Gorillaz, The Avalanches and Tame Impala will love.

Indulge your senses, feed your wondrous mind and get ready to escape space and time with our exclusive stream of Fonz Whaler’s Day By Day In The Universe (below).

Day By Day In The Universe is due for release Sunday, 14 May. Pre-order your copy via Itunes HERE