Flannelette’s new music video for Livin To Die perfectly captures the band’s raw, rock energy.

Filmed, produced and edited by Flannelette friends Stephen Denham, Corben Mitchell and Simon Merange, the video shows the band tearing up the stage during their set at last year’s EarCandy Festival. There is also some fun pre- and post-show footage in the mix as well.

Livin To Die is a really fast, hard-hitting track, so we really wanted to capture the full energy of the song as well as being able to show people what we bring to our live shows every time we play,” said Jaymes.

The track itself has a massive sound, and speaks of the race we often put ourselves through in life, particularly those few who run life too fast, too soon.

“It’s pretty much an observation of the crazy kids that hit life too hard,” said Matt.

Filmed at multiple venues in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley (Ric’s bar, Greaser and The New Globe Theatre), Flannelette’s latest music video will have you rushing out to buy tickets to their next show!