Sci-fi lovers of the world unite! Psych-rockers, Fingerless, have penned an intergalactic ode to The X-Files in new single Out There that’ll melt your mind and leave you pondering the curiosities of life.

Teaming spacious melodies with hypnotic vocal lines, Out There is the latest offering from the band’s forthcoming concept album Outhere (pronounced ‘Out Here’) which features previous singles Take and Don’t Go. Inspired by hit TV series, The X-Files, Out There encourages listeners to broaden their minds and go against the grain.

Out There is about breaking self-imposed limits on what is normal and expected. On a lighter note, it’s also about breaking open a few Cadbury Crème Eggs,” said front man, Marc Cheeseman.

Combining sonic influences like The Doors, The Moody Blues, Ween and more, with thematic explorations of The X-Files, Joseph Campbell’s hero journey, Jungian archetypes, and Jim Morrison, Fingerless’ forthcoming album Outhere is sure to turn your ears into musical mornay sauce. Due for release on 22 June, Outhere will be celebrated with a limited run of cassettes curated by local legends Valley Heat Records.

“We wanted something physical, and we know that tapes fit in drunk people’s pockets better than CDs, so we went with tapes. Solid, scientifically detached reasoning that Scully (from The X-Files) would be proud of.”

To warm things up ahead of the album, Fingerless will be putting the ‘art’ in party, launching Out There at The Green Owl this Thursday, 24 May with the help of friends Melissa Main and The Songs of Tom Smith. The night will also feature a silent auction of the original artwork used for the Out There single cover, the second piece in the Close Encounters of The Curd Kind 1 & 2 oil painting series by local artist Rochelle Lindquist.

Now without further ado, turn your surround sound on, press play and prepare to be plunged into another dimension with the cosmic craft that is Fingerless’ new single Out There.

Stream Fingerless’ new single Out There exclusively below and catch them playing The Green Owl this Thursday, 24 May (all event info HERE). Out There is available from all digital outlets 23 May.