Delving into the depths of the subconscious and its yin-yang like effect on the creative existence, Fieu’s new music video for glistening indie-pop gem, Awake, shines a light on anxiety and the art it both hinders, and breeds.

A self-confessed introvert who once had reservations about sharing her music with the world, Fieu has come along way since the release of her debut record five years ago, dropping two singles and her forthcoming sophomore EP in 2019 alone. The second slice of her upcoming EP of the same name, Awake is an introspective piece that explores the inner workings of the mind.

“For me, Awake is about being trapped in your head, but almost willingly, like you’ve developed such a dependent relationship with your subconscious that it stays with you even while you’re awake,” said the Sunshine Coast songstress.

Brought to life by videographer Lauren Panrucker of Tide Productions, and director Harrison Hertrick, the track’s accompanying music video shows its creator at work, immersed in the process of creative life – from writing to performing and capturing inspiration as it strikes.

“The vision behind the music video was to portray the light and dark of being an artist; to show the vulnerability of emotions we portray through music.  We tied in the act of song-writing and how the struggle of anxiety can affect the creative process, visually bringing this struggle to life in a glamourous dream-like style.”

It’s a train of thought that provides a glimpse into the brilliance yet to come on Fieu’s sophomore EP Awake, a record she says draws inspiration from powerhouse female vocalists like Sia, Florence Welch and Kate Miller-Heidke, lyrically exploring themes of self-doubt, hope and fear.

“There are some big changes in style and instrumentation for my second EP. This time, I’ve gone for a more hi-fi pop sound, with focus on synths, electric guitars and big vocals. It’s upbeat and fun, while lyrically retaining much of the emotional vulnerability of my earlier music.”

“With time, I’ve come to understand my own style and know what I want my music to sound like. I’ve gained more confidence over the years and am proud of the music I’m creating.”

Find your calm in this busy world and press play on Fieu’s gorgeous new music video Awake, exclusively below, and keep your ears peeled – Fieu’s sophomore EP Awake drops this Friday, 13 December. Pre-save Awake EP HERE.


Feature image: Fieu by Lauren Panrucker