In an age where awkward dating scenarios reign, Brisbane ska lords Fat Picnic are coming to the rescue, raising the bar on ultimate wingman/wingwoman duties in their cheeky new music video, Make Me Wait.

Like a scene straight out of Netflix’s Isn’t It Romantic, the accompanying music video for the fun-loving reggae track, sees an unsuspecting couple thrown into the midst of their own romantic comedy, as the mischievous but well-meaning eight-piece interfere on their dates pop-up style.

“The video follows a couple just starting to date, who are continuously interrupted by our band during their dates,” said guitarist Hughie Doherty.

From hanging out at a gig, to catching public transport, chilling in their lounge room to knocking back a few drinks at a bar, for this couple there’s literally no escaping Fat Picnic’s serenading. Filmed by Snap Factory ‘s Camilo Hernandez and Amera Tabet, Make Me Wait sees the band fulfil the role of romantic musical flash mob and if you’re hoping to reach #ultimate wingman or wingwoman status in your own life, consider this your manual on how it’s done!

Inspired by the way dating culture and relationships have changed and seemingly become more rushed, Make Me Wait captures the uncertainty and eagerness of taking a new relationship slow.

“This song looks at the point of view of someone who’s not used to taking thing slow and being made to wait, then realising that waiting can be worth it. It’s about slow moving relationships and the awkward thoughts a person has when they want someone, but aren’t able to have them in the way that they want.”

A first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut album, Hughie says Make Me Wait is a return to their earlier work teaming catchy tunes with lyrics listeners can relate and sing-along to. He says the record will be a melting pot of genres encompassing reggae, ska, soul, folk, hip-hop, funk and dub. If there’s one thing we know for sure after experiencing Make Me Wait, it’s that Fat Picnic’s debut album will be (pun intended)…well worth the wait!

Indulge your romantic funny bone and feast your eyes on Fat Picnic’s Make Me Wait music video, streaming exclusively below.

Fat Picnic’s Make Me Wait is out now, with launch shows across QLD and NSW happening throughout March-April. All tour details available HERE.