Just like the yellow brick road, Eli Dooner’s debut EP Masonry is a guide; a sonic map for those crossroad moments in life.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Vance Joy, Ben Howard and Bon Iver, the tracks on Masonry evolve and captivate, with a soft, acoustic backdrop of warm tones allowing Eli’s striking voice and insightful lyrics to take listeners on a journey through the intricacies of life’s possibilities.

Masonry, the track and the EP, identifies the myriad of pathways one can take in life,” said Eli.

“Some pathways are born from duty while others are dreamy and idealistic. To feel the pull from both directions can be confusing and hard to juggle. Masonry embraces that juggle.”

Produced with the help of fellow Queenslanders Ryan Nebauer (from Brisbane act Neighbour) and recording engineer Cameron Smith, Masonry is a humble achievement Eli describes as “genuine and a little naïve.”

Masonry will be released at an intimate house show in Bardon on 23 February, with the support of Wiremu and Lara May. Having come into his own on this record, Eli hopes his music will help others do the same.

“I want Masonry to inspire people to do their thing in life, whatever that may be.”

Stream Eli Dooner’s stunning debut EP Masonry below, and grab your copy when the record drops tomorrow, Friday, 23 February.