Travelling the world making memories is fun but sharing those experiences with your significant other makes for a magical reel of Kodak moments you can’t put a price on. Bringing these sweet sentiments to life on the small screen, comes El Cosgrove’s romantic and wanderlust-filled new music video, Honey.

A release that’s been eagerly awaited since El’s debut EPGuitars & Cigars dropped in 2017, Honey fuses alt-country vibes with indie-folk and roots elements to create a dreamy gem that’s charted in Amrap’s Regional Radio Chart Top 10 and earned the Queensland songstress a place in the Top 10 for Toyota Star Makers. It’s a piece that traverses themes of travel, love and what it means to be home.

Honey was inspired by my travels over the past few years,” said El. “It follows the travel theme from my debut single The Unfamiliar, but takes a different point of view: that the company matters more than the places travelled.”

“I’ve learnt through experience that no matter where you are in the world it’s always the people that steal your heart more so than any single location. It’s about the idea that sharing experiences across the world with someone can feel more like home than any particular place.”

Shot by Scape Visuals’ Jonathan Trivett in Cecil Plains, close to El’s hometown, the accompanying music video for Honey is just as enchanting as the song itself, capturing the adventures of a free-spirited couple experiencing the world together. From riding a quad bike through the outback to kicking back at the pub, the video splices footage of El and her love interest (played by her long-time friend Will Skene) travelling with recordings the couple have taken of their experiences together on a vintage video camera.

“The entire video aims to take viewers on a trip with the couple, where they remain together through both realistic and wildly imagined experiences and memories.”

With another single release and an EP yet to come, fans can expect to see even more great things from El throughout 2020.

Indulge your romantic side or wanderlust (or both!), and watch El’s majestic new music video Honey, exclusively below.