Brisbane darling Donnelle Brooks is returning to her roots today, revealing her heartfelt new single Poppies.

Known as the front woman of blues-rock outfit Don and The Mobsters, Poppies is Donnelle’s first solo release since 2012 and is a prelude to her solo sophomore EP of the same name.

“My upcoming EP, which is also called Poppies, is a collection of songs I wrote that didn’t really fit with what I was doing with the band. These tracks deal with personal experiences I’ve had and are more folk-driven than my previous work,” she said.

Combining lush folk harmonies, bluesy crooning and plenty of vocal light and shade, Poppies (the single) reflects on the loved ones left behind when soldiers are at war.

“I wrote Poppies while my brother was serving in Afghanistan. I started thinking about all the people who were missing him and I didn’t really know how to share that with him so I wrote a song instead.”

Fittingly, the song incorporates whistling and a marching-band-style snare, to reiterate the idea of a soldier whistling whilst marching. Donnelle says she chose to release Poppies as the first single from the EP, because of its personal significance.

If you love acoustic guitar and vocal-driven sounds, be sure to listen to Donnelle Brooks’ new single Poppies exclusively below, and catch her at the Poppies EP Launch this Sunday, 4 December at The Bearded Lady! All event information available HERE.