An abyss of self-awareness that lays oneself bare under a microscopic lens, Danii brings her insecurities to the fore on her dazzling new single, Out Of My Mind, out 25 June.

Stripped back bare with minimal instrumentation that allow her hauntingly pensive vocals to shine, the Brisbane singer-songwriter, producer, dancer and visual artist is fearlessly vulnerable in every layer of her new soft-pop ballad as she names her self-doubts, effectively taking their power away.

“I first wrote the melody for this song when I was 15,” said Danii. “I felt so much emotion in the melody but I could never find the right words to match it, so I sat on it for about 10 years. And last year not long before my first single was due for release, I was struggling between wanting to pursue a career in music, but I was also doubting myself thinking ‘I’m too old. It’s too late. My music isn’t good enough. No one will listen to my music.’ I revisited this melody and tried to channel those emotions into my words.”

Performing around Brisbane for over 15 years, Danii is working through her hesitations to pursue her passion for music, working with Kiosk Records to record and produce her striking new single, which will hopefully inspire others to silence their inner critic and follow their heart’s desires.

“If you are struggling with self-doubt and an inner saboteur, I hope that when you hear this song it helps you realise that you are not alone and not to let those thoughts consume you.”

Sit back and prepare to deep dive into the rabbit hole of introspection listening to Danii’s emotive new single Out Of My Mind, streaming exclusively below.