Energy sucking, heart breaking soul crushers; if there was a list of ‘toxic types of people to avoid at all costs,’ narcissists would take the top spot. As the Latin proverb goes ‘forewarned is forearmed,’ and on her electro-pop, RnB-tinged new single Blinded, Brisbane songstress DANII is sending out a protective call to all to give narcissists the flick for good.

A fierce singer-songwriter, producer, dancer and visual artist, DANII has become known for pouring her heart and soul into her music, and her latest release is no different. Drawing on her own experiences, Blinded journeys from the darkness of being in a narcissist’s hold to discovering one’s inner power and emerging stronger than before.

“This song is about the realisation and reflecting on dealing with a narcissist. It’s written from the perspective of having hindsight on a damaging experience and realising your worth – and that that person isn’t worth shit,” said DANII.

“I wrote this song right after I finished another song which was an emotionally heavy COVID song. The first song is the sadness/depression, and Blinded is the anger.”

Mixed by Adam at Elysian Audio and Harry Fox in his home studio in Brisbane, DANII hopes listeners will embrace Blinded’s powerful message.

“Dealing with someone that doesn’t care about you is really hard, but it is possible to find and take back your power in the aftermath of a shitty situation.”

The follow-up to her first two tracks Out of My Mind and What You Want, Blinded is the latest morsel of the songstress’ debut EP, a record she describes as being “like a songwriter’s five stages of grief.”

Tune into DANII’s amazing new single Blinded, streaming exclusively below and be inspired to say adieu to toxic individuals of all kinds. Blinded is out tomorrow, 29 April.