Inducting listeners into an electro-driven doctrine of love, Ipswich artist Damien Johnson is taking an inclusive approach to handling one’s adversaries on his electrifying new single Enemy, out 24 July.

A step away from his previous releases including 2020 single Crowd In My Hands, Damien’s latest track errs on the heavier side, blending pop sentiments with electro influences to create a more produced sound while tackling the universal theme of enemies.

“This song idea was originally spawned when contemplating my personal disdain for war, and the amount of money that gets spent by governments on defence forces and weaponry,” said Damien.

“This was also coupled with the philosophy that our ‘enemy’ is usually formed from our own projections of fear and insecurity, and that we can learn more about ourselves in seeing ourselves through the eyes of another, rather than trying to fit them into our view. However, these early ideas were later coupled with the global anxiety and concern surrounding COVID-19, which united humanity in a sense of shared suffering.”

Written, recorded and produced by Damien and mixed by Nathan Gold in Texas, USA, Enemy’s rallying message to see through the eyes of your enemy, is a timely reminder that often empathy can go a long way in finding a workable solution between seemingly opposing parties. Committed to sharing the love through his music and live shows, Damien is looking forward to getting back on stage now that covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

“I enjoy learning and creating and love music, art and culture. I listen to Billie Eilish, Nirvana, Metallica, Bjork and Chopin. I am a backyard philosopher, theologian, and beer connoisseur. I want to meet like-minded people, form strong, lasting connections and enjoy life’s many sublime pains and pleasures with others. Ultimately, I’m a little boy inside who just wants to be seen and heard.”

Contemplate the oneness of humanity and listen to Damien Johnson’s poignant new single Enemy, streaming exclusively below. Enemy is out tomorrow, 24 July.