Droppin’ intergalactic beats like Disney waiting to unveil the latest Star Wars movie, Brisbane’s Conspiracy Of One is inviting listeners to step into a world of possibilities with the launch of his latest single, We’re All Aliens, Baby, out tomorrow, 16 November.

Arriving on the 45th anniversary of the Arecibo Message (humanity’s first active attempt at interstellar communication), We’re All Aliens, Baby is the creative spawn of multi-talented soloist and self-confessed science enthusiast, Nathan Eggins, who’s on a mission to share the wonders of science with as many earthlings possible.

Inspired by the quirks and genius of greats like Tim Minchin and Paul Dempsey, Nathan’s latest musing is a playful twist on the Fermi Paradox, weaving elements of existential philosophy and social commentary into bright melodies and witty storytelling that simultaneously challenges pseudo-science with the question, “where are all the aliens?” while proposing we are the aliens.

“The title of the song is a reference to an episode of Adventure Time, which is a favourite of mine,” said Nathan. “In a scene where one character asks if someone they met “…was human, or just another wild animal?“, to which the other character responds “we’re all wild animals, brother.” “

“So, the idea behind We’re All Aliens, Baby, is that everyone is an alien/foreign to someone, and if there are other life forms out there we haven’t detected yet, they may be asking the exact same questions: “Are we alone? Where are all the aliens?“.”

It’s a timeless question everything from the X-Files, Star Trek and Government agencies have attempted to explore, and now We’re All Aliens, Baby is giving listeners the chance to step out of their micro-worldview and expand their horizons, once more.

“I hope We’re All Aliens, Baby makes listeners smile and enjoy something different, helping them ‘zoom out‘ of the everyday and into the bigger perspective that is the scale of the universe.”

“At a basic level, I wrote this song about things I’m excited by and hope I can instil this same passion in others who may then go on to a love of science and space themselves.”

Brisbane earthlings can experience the We’re All Aliens, Baby conspiracy, complete with science-themed dress-up, limited edition sciency cocktails, games , Christmas present giveaways and more at Black Bear Lodge on the 18 December.

Join the conspiracy and surrender to the existential and exotic sound that is Conspiracy Of One’s newbie, We’re All Aliens, Baby, which is streaming exclusively below, ahead of its release tomorrow, 16 November.



6 DEC | Skepticon Conference – Dan O’Connell Hotel (SOLO) | Melbourne, VIC
10 DEC | Bar 303 (SOLO) | Melbourne, VIC
18 DEC | Black Bear Lodge (FULL BAND) | Brisbane, QLD