With a knack for writing smile-inducing earworms, Skotty Fairclough aka Hey Skotty, is on a mission to distil happiness to the world one song at a time, starting with his debut single Wonderful Morning.

A refreshing take on indie-pop, Wonderful Morning combines electrifying instrumentals with a sunny Californian 60s pop disposition to create a sound reminiscent of The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers era.

After being homebound for months due to work-induced stress watching cartoons with his nine-month-old daughter Alva, Skotty found himself inspired by the compositions and joyful sentiment of children’s music.

“With Alva, every day became about getting up and dancing for hours together listening to records and watching cartoons. It became our morning ritual and a daily reminder to follow the most important of all rules – to be happy,” said Skotty.

Produced by Brisbane pop genius Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas, Sheppard), Wonderful Morning is a reminder, and a challenge, to jump out of bed and do something to seize the day, every day!

“Doing something first thing to make yourself happy has so many benefits in terms of health, mindset and overall well-being. Happiness is the ultimate state of being, and the more of it you can generate, the greater amount you will find and receive.”

Get your daily dose of happy, and spread the good vibes with our exclusive stream of Hey Skotty’s smile-inducing earcandy Wonderful Morning (below). Wonderful Morning is out 8 November.