Documenting a real life romance on a trip to the beach in his debut music video Wash Up With You, Brisbane’s Cold Shores reminds us that lasting love doesn’t require grand gestures and presents that break the bank.

An alternative beach goth/surf pop outfit, Cold Shores is the moniker of Indy Davies, who many will know as the frontman of rock duo Wakan Phoenix. Marking the launch of his solo career, Wash Up With You is a laid-back track with lyrics of love and a soundscape reminiscent of lazy summer days.

Wash Up With You is about being in complete despair with everything, except love,” said Indy.

“It’s one of those ‘metaphors, but literally’ kind of songs – on the surface it’s about going to the beach, while on a deeper level it deals with familiar issues of love and despair.”

A low-fi inspired, DIY filming job, the accompanying music video speaks volumes about the power of small, daily acts of love like spending time at the beach with your loved ones.

“The video documents my beautiful girlfriend, Oli, and our dog, Baby, going on a beach trip. I used real footage and kept with the actual storyline of the day.”

Working on his solo tunes in his spare time, Indy is hoping to release a Cold Shores record in the future.

Watch Cold Shores’ debut music video Wash Up With You exclusively below, and be inspired to make every day, a mini-Valentine’s Day!