In need of a record to curl up on the couch with that will help you unfurl your thoughts and allow you to wallow in despair at the current state of the world? Ambient dream-pop songstress Cloud Tangle has got your sorted, with her emotionally-tingling and delectably dark, debut album Kinds Of Sadness, out 3 April via 4000 Records.

Swaying the pendulum between the light and dark elements of human emotions, Kinds Of Sadness deftly delves into the latter, combining lulling synths, silky guitar lines and delicate vocals to create a melancholy you can’t but help but sink into.

“My goal with this project is to offer an honest and inspired representation of my deepest thoughts and ideas, in a way that focuses solely on the music itself and the atmosphere I am creating rather than my own identity and physical aesthetic,” said Amber Ramsay, the multi-talented sole individual behind Cloud Tangle.

Lyrically exploring the notion of falling out of love and the hardships of moving on, Kinds Of Sadness has a valiant beauty that speaks softly to the depths of your soul; melodies that massage the labyrinth of sobering trains of thought. This is music that has a haunting, otherworldly effect.

“There’s nobody making music quite like Cloud Tangle,” said John Russell of 4000 Records. “She flickers the veil between ethereal and caliginous in a completely enveloping way. I’ve worked with Amber since her first EP and this album is an enormous evolutionary step towards a boundless future.”

The latest in a slew of releases that include her debut record Pocket (2017) and last year’s EP Falling Asleep, Kinds Of Sadness expands on the repertoire of lead singles Romance Me and Thinking of Myself. It’s also, impressively, an entirely self-made record.

“I want to inspire especially young women to explore a path in music where you can do it yourself and be confident in your skills and approach,” said Amber.

It’s time to feel the feels and let Cloud Tangle’s Kinds Of Sadness envelope you in the folds of gloomy dream-pop (streaming exclusively below).

Kinds Of Sadness is out this Friday, 3 April (PRE-SAVE/ORDER HERE). A very limited edition of 30 cassettes, each hand-numbered by Amber, and featuring an exclusive bonus track Sidelines and mini zine of Amber’s poetry will be available via 4000 Records. The album will also be available on vinyl via False Peak Records.


Feature image: Cloud Tangle by Matthew Mesaric