If you could capture the serenity of floating on a cloud without a care in the world and turn it into a sonic, all-encompassing sensory experience, the result would be Clawmachine’s dreamy new EP Good Harvest.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Clawmachine is the brainchild of enigmatic producer, Dylan Lindquist, and his equally talented friends, who blend indie, electronic-pop and psychedelic styles to create a laid back, atmospheric sound bed. The follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut, Good Harvest is a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing a soundtrack to life’s lighter moments.

“The vision was to create a fun record, where the tracks complement each other but also show off our vast influences. We love music we can dance to, so our goal with Good Harvest was to get people moving and singing along,” said guitarist and producer, Dylan Lindquist.

“Inspiration from so many different artists, vibes and experiences went into this EP. For example, recording some wind chimes by the pool led to Huh, while a Reverb Machine article inspired us to copy and rebuild one of our favourite pop songs. For us, inspiration is everywhere.”

Largely self-produced, Good Harvest was mastered by local legend Paul Blakey of 12th Vine and Post, who’s worked on projects like Amy Shark’s breakout hit Adore. With their second EP done and dusted, the band are keen to showcase their new music in front of live audiences and get more listeners in on the good vibes.

“We’re looking forward to playing more shows, seeing people vibe out to the songs live, and just sharing our music with more people in general. Proving yourself as a band is hard, but with Good Harvest we feel we’re on the right track.”

Dance like no one’s watching and unwind to the dreamy bliss that is Clawmachine’s Good Harvest.

Stream Clawmachine’s sophomore EP Good Harvest exclusively below. Good Harvest is available on Bandcamp from 4 June.