Like a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, Brisbane jazz-gypsies Cigány Weaver are adding a dash of delight to the working week with their new musical diddy Make Do, out tomorrow, 13 March.

With spirited beats and sugary, high-pitched vocals akin to Julie Andrews’ beloved portrayal of Mary Poppins, Cigány Weaver strike a whimsical chord on Make Do, that would make even cynics see rainbows.

Make Do was one of the first original songs we wrote together. It explores the nostalgic feelings associated with getting over someone or something, but then realising you may actually be better off without them,” said lead vocalist Jo Davie.

A feature track from their forthcoming debut album, Cigány Weaver, out 15 April, Make Do is a tempting taste of what this talented bunch can do, synthesising old and new.

“This album really focuses on our original music with a few classic and contemporary covers in there for good measure. Make Do is one of the more upbeat tunes featured, with other tracks showcasing a darker side of Cigány Weaver. We’re really looking forward to having everyone hear it!”

Inspired by the improvisation of the jazz ‘greats,’ and the unique gypsy sound, the band have come into their own since forming whilst studying for their jazz degrees at the Queensland Conservatorium. They’ve played festivals from Woodford Folk Festival in their home state to MONO’s Dark Mofo in Tasmania, and will be touring their new album up and down the East Coast throughout March-May, with a special show hometown show at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall on 12 April.

“We are so excited to be launching the album at Lefty’s – we have a real soft spot for the iconic Brisbane venue, and feel that it’s a perfect fit for the show. Brad Garnett from Gentle Persons Club will be opening the night with a solo set, and then local favourites, The Long Johns will take to the stage. We’re also keen to present our brand new merchandise which includes hard copies of the album.”

Get your jig onto Cigány Weaver’s new diddy Make Do, streaming exclusively below and catch them launching their debut, self-titled album at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall on 12 April. Cigány Weaver is out 15 April.