An ode to treasured platonic relationships, the sentiment of Chris George Bancroft’s jangly indie-pop number, Take Care, evokes warm and fuzzy vibes similar to those stirred up watching the opening credits of 90s sitcom Friends.

Known for his work in Brisbane bands including Blue Chorus and The Holy Rollercoasters, Chris began working on his solo project in 2018, of which Take Care is his sophomore single release. Produced by Aidan Hogg, and mastered by King Willy Sound, Take Care is a song about love and friendship.

“On the surface, Take Care is about a close friend of mine, the type of friend you care about so much that when they’re struggling you feel it too, because you just want them to be happy and have everything they need. The type of friend you’d do anything for, at any time no matter what,” said Chris.

“On a deeper level, it’s about learning it’s possible to love someone of the opposite sex that isn’t your partner and realising that type of love exists and celebrating that connection.”

Working with local videographer, Vanessa from VIVID visual co, the accompanying Take Care music video was filmed at The Plutonium, the studio where the song was recorded. Touching in its simplicity, it features shots of Chris and his guitar as he performs Take Care; a visual serenade that makes you feel like you could be that treasured friend he’s singing to.

With more songs and ideas up his sleeves, Chris is continuing to work on his solo music in tangent with his other musical projects and has plans to release an EP in the future.

“Music makes me happy. I like listening to music because it makes me think, it makes me pay attention, get excited and motivated. I would love if a song I wrote could make anyone else feel like I do when I listen to music I enjoy.” 

Take a moment to appreciate your friends and watch Chris George Bancroft’s Take Care music video, exclusively below.