Gritty, raw and giving it their all, that’s the force of awesome that bursts forth from the beginning chords to the final beat of Chavez Cartel’s sophomore EP, Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home, out Friday, 6 December.

Dousing listeners in a sonic cloud of dirty punk-rock cologne, the Gold Coast quintet’s second spin around the turntables sees them further along the path of self-discovery laid down on their debut EP Lucky Lucky, earlier this year. As front man Ben Simpson aptly puts it, it’s a step away from the “I don’t know who I am” premise to a “this is me, let’s f***in’ do this” attitude.

Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home is about taking life by the scruff of the neck and giving it a go – committing to overcoming whatever lies ahead,” said Ben. “It’s about self-belief and doubt going head to head. This record’s a fighter; a winner.”

“Where Lucky Lucky was a broken record (as it were), Confidence is a healed one. We’ve definitely come a long way between albums that’s for sure.” 

Teeing up once more with local producer Govinda Doyle, the record encompasses everything from the band’s grunge-rock roots to desert sounds, synergised into a potent punk-rock energy. Covering lyrical themes that include embracing self-belief and relationships, to dealing with doubts and disappointments, Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home is an assertive body of work from a band that lives and breathes the “persistence pays” perspective.

“The title of this record sums up our band. We’ve overcome obstacles and ironed out negativity and criticisms since the start, all while constantly driving forward both together and individually. We’ve got a one-track mind.”

“You hear the word ‘NO’ so many times in music and most of the time it feels as though the only thing you’re ending the week with is the confidence you started it with, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you keep going. Then ya get your win. Life’s a confidence business and we should keep investing. That’s the message.”

Rousing guitars rolled into a sultry soundscape infused with charismatic vocal deliveries reminiscent of late INXS front man Michael Hutchence, make this is a record everyone from devotees of the Rolling Stones to Nirvana will be enamoured by. This baby oozes confidence all round!

Loose yourself in the headiness of Chavez Cartel’s gritty and gorgeous sophomore EP, Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home exclusively below, before it drops tomorrow, Friday 6 December. Catch the band launching their new record at Brisbane’s Tomcat on 6 December. All event info HERE. More tour dates below.