If you’ve always hoped Kurt Cobain had a collection of unreleased solo recordings hiding somewhere, waiting to be heard, then you’ve hit the next best thing in Cedarsmoke’s sophomore EP Traffic On Solitude Road.

With infectious guitar licks, vocals reminiscent of Cobain’s charismatic drawl and stream-of-consciousness-like lyrics to match, Traffic On Solitude Road sounds like the love child of Nirvana and The Strokes.

The record is the follow up to 2016’s False Start To The Rat Race and sees the Brisbane quintet further develop a sound that purveyors of soft indie-rock will love.

“We really wanted listeners to get a sense of what we do as a band on this record,” said Cedarsmoke front man Jon.

“We wanted it to be evocative of our live sound, with minimal overdubs and chose a title that reflects solitude, which is a sentiment that runs through quite few of the tracks.”

The band are stoked to share their new music with fans today, and will officially launch Traffic On Solitude Road at The Zoo next Friday night, 5 May.

“We can’t wait for the show! You can expect to see anything from us absolutely nailing a song to us completely butchering one.”

Stream Cedarsmoke’s infectious sophomore EP Traffic On Solitude Road below, and pick up your copy via Bandcamp HERE from today, Friday, 28 April. More information on the band’s EP launch at the Zoo on 5 May HERE.